A Summer POC Poetry Festival Sampler

Playlist by:
We (Too) Are Philly
Raena Shirali

We (Too) Are Philly is a summer poetry festival organized by the 2018-2019 Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, Raquel Salas Rivera, and poets Ashley Davis, Kirwyn Sutherland, and Raena Shirali. It is inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem “I, Too” and features a line-up of poets of color who have a strong commitment to fighting white supremacy and collaborating with local communities to create shared creative spaces. Poets will come from all over, but each featured poet will be from Philadelphia. We believe that highlighting local authors will serve to raise and respect the histories of those who have built this city. Each reading will also feature at least one poet that works in more than one language. Philadelphia is a sanctuary city; & so our festival is a sanctuary space. ICE and fascism have no right to terrorize our loved ones; our authors’ works maintain that truth. This playlist is just a small sample of the works that will be (& have been) featured at WTAP over the summer. With love, we hope you enjoy.

  • 1.
    In Theory, We Are All Human
    Cortney Lamar Charleston
  • 2.
    In a Men's Museum
    Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela
  • 3.
    Driving to York Prison in a Thunderbird
    Cynthia Dewi Oka
  • 4.
    The Last Chance
    Warren Longmire
  • 5.
    the Orishas spend a day as humans
    Irène Mathieu
  • 6.
    The Middle East is Missing
    Marwa Helal
  • 7.
    Raquel Salas Rivera